zombsroyale.io ONLINE

The game “zombsroyale.io” – will throw players into the harsh terrain, where the soldiers need to look for different ways of survival and actively fight for a place under the scorching sun. Gameplay is made in the style of Battle, which will undoubtedly please fans of dynamic shooters. The task of every soldier at a military training ground is to destroy all rivals and become a leader among the numerous soldiers. A large selection of items will come in handy during the fierce battles, and the developers have added a comprehensive set of modern cannons.

How to play zombsroyale.io?

Enter the most suitable alias for the unit and press “Play” to land in any area of ​​the huge map. A sortie into the virtual world is carried out at the expense of the plane – the hero should land with the help of a parachute.

Control: the WASD buttons set the movement, the left click shoots, the E key selects the trunks or things.

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