The game “” – will transfer gamers to an aggressive environment, where the main task is a brutal struggle for the territory and naturally for their lives. Players are given a huge map, on which a set of useful things are scattered and one can find a good weapon, which will make habitation on the virtual platform more secure. Of course, opponents also arm themselves and can shoot back or fire first. Unfortunately, the table of the best, as in many io-toys here is missing and this is a small minus.

How to play

First, think up a fighter login and preferably unique, or load this burden on the shoulders of the computer so that he can pick up your random nickname. By the way, the playing field periodically narrows and it pushes the guy’s foreheads. The winner in a fierce battle will be someone who is better trained and knows how to accurately shoot from various trunks. Another selection of cartridges for guns otherwise plays the moment in the coffin.

Control: the movement of the hero is carried out on WASD, recharge R, things are taken on F, changing guns 1 or 2.

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