The multiplayer game 3 online will allow you to compete with other players for dominating the map. You control the cube, which, moving, leaves behind a colored line. To capture areas, you must surround the region of your lines and it will be painted in your color. If you bump into your line, it will crash. The same will happen if the opponent comes across your line, if you have not completed the entourage yet. How to play the game Paper.Io 3 unblocked : Use the WASD keys to control the cube. Grasp a larger territory and defeat other players. The larger your territory, the higher your rating. The winner is waiting for the golden crown of the leader!

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Best IO GAMES are the best multiplayer online strategies from all available on the Internet for free. Simple graphics allows you to quickly run them on any device, and the scenes are breathtaking. Playing the game Io is not annoying - the list is constantly updated with interesting novelties. They are created by both professional developers and amateur programmers. All new io games are first published on the domain “io” - the favorite habitat of startups around the world, and only then distributed across the web. The resource appeared in 1997, but became popular in the last 10 years, just after it was chosen by igrodely