Welcome to the wonderful world of “”. “” is a multiplayer browser game where you can play with players from around the world online. This game is very similar to several similar games in the style of io, but it is advantageously shaded from other ioshek very beautiful graphics, a huge map, all kinds of bonuses and other additions.

So, your character will be a snake. So, as you are a beginner, the skin will be only one, but as you conduct battles, you will get new cool skins. In the game you need to collect as much experience as possible and not let your opponents cut you or trap you. Your snake can accelerate, but you can not do it all the time. Carefully follow the acceleration indicator in the lower right corner and adjust the acceleration based on the indicators of the indicator. If you run into another player or you embarrass yourself into the wall, you will die, and your experience will be dumped by opponents. But to destroy an opponent of any size, you need to prune it so that it snag your head snake. After that, he will die, and you will only have time to collect his experience and continue the hunt. In addition to other rivals, you can eat beetles and press slugs. Beetles will enhance your experience, and slugs will give nice bonuses that enhance the characteristics of your snake.

To earn gold, you must perform tasks. It will be absolutely not burdensome and very reckless and interesting.

After each battle, you will receive the keys. Once you have collected the necessary quantity, then you can open the chest with a pleasant surprise. To open a royal chest, you must find the crown on the playing field. Also, try to quickly get your level up and then get access to the royal achievements, giving bonuses to gold and rating. Remember that once you get an achievement, then the prize will be rubies, which you can spend to buy a random skin.

After the first battle, you will see a new game mode “game for zhuzhu.” Here, you can play for the enchanting beetle. Your goal – to collect nectar, to press slugs and shoot down other beetles. Remember that during your flight your zhuzha can not collect nectar. This can only be done by landing on the ground. Ready to immerse yourself in the exciting adventures of snakes? Enjoy the game and good luck!

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